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More Info to Come, just starting to gather info now. Plan is to rent a van and have it tote us around, stopping at Tequesta Brewing Company, Bx Beer Depot, World of Beers, Due South and do tastings at each location. Like I say, I am just starting to do the legwork now, so just save the date state.
Let me know as soon as you know you are interested so I can plan accordingly
the cost of this event will be in the range of $30-$35. Purchasing beer at the stops will not be included so that you can budget your flights or single pints for yourself. Your price will include a delicious "lining your bellies" lunch at the Serenity Garden Tea House and your transportation for the day. Timeline and More to come

Friday, October 21, 2011

Oktoberfest was Celebrated with Gusto at BX Beer Depot

It was a different kind of GULP experience last Sunday.  First, it was a blustery overcast day.  Okay, that wasn't so unusual.  Second, it was hosted at BX BeerDepot.  You're right, we have done that before too.
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Third, Coreen and LeBeau were guests!  Yes, that's right I said guests.  They got to be on the other side of the event and to see why we love being Gulpers!  Sally and Corey from BX took on the hosting, cooking and pairing duties and while I love my dynamic duo I have to give props to the Bx Gang for a great afternoon of food and wine.

There were five courses of deliciousness including dessert.  All the courses were paired with specially selected beers from the BX repertoire.  I think all of the beers can be purchase from BX directly.  Sally, chime in here if I am wrong or just chime in and say hi to the gang!

Onto Oktoberfest!

First Course was a delectable fresh cheese platter and included melon, strawberries, prosciutto, and sun dried tomatoes.  Corey paired this with a German Hefeweizen called Weihenstephaner.  It is the oldest brew in the world.  Wonderful notes of banana and clove filled my head and light effervescence tickled my tongue.  It played really well with the melon and prosciutto and I loved the how the tartness of the tomatoes and strawberries took any acid in the beer right out.  Corey said, "This beer goes great with quiche and other breakfast stuff.  If you need a beer for breakfast this is the one."

Second Course was a radish and watercress salad with a mustard seed vinaigrette paired with Hofbrau Oktoberfest.  I cannot tell a lie my friends this was not my favorite pairing.  It was just too bitter for me.  There were others who enjoyed it.  Kelly liked the spicy radishes with the beer.  

Third Course was crazy!  I hate sauerkraut.  I refused to eat it growing up.  It smelled bad and was just gross so when Corey announced he was making a beer braised bratwurst with apple, brown sugar kraut I knew this was the course I was skipping.  I got up to the line and before I could say only  a piece of brat please Corey plopped a big serving of everything on my plate.  The meat was blanketed by the kraut.  I pierced a piece of meat even with the kraut clinging to it and took a bite.  OMG!  It was like a flavor firework going off in my mouth...sweet, tart, meaty, fatty, and oh so freakin' yummy! I ate every bite and demanded the recipe, (which I still haven't gotten...hint, hint, Corey).  The beverage paired with this delectable dish was Hoss Rye Lager.  It tasted of coffee and caraway with an interesting tart hint.  It really rounded out the food to create, for me, the best pairing of the day.

Fourth Course was another main dish offering.  Guinness braised Brisket with homemade spaetzel and root vegetables and it was paired with Baltic Thunder Porter.  This big coffee and caramel lager paired insanely well with the deep meaty flavor of some of the most tender brisket I have had in ages.  Biting into the carrots, onions a spaetzel made mouth happy with sweet savory goodness.  I took a drink of the porter next and the caramel really popped on my tongue.  Dang that is good stuff!

Fifth and final course was a complicated dessert which was really worth the effort.  Corey made a molasses, ginger cake that was so dark it looked like tar.  I know it doesn't sound appetizing but then add a scoop of apple crisp and a dollop of a ginger whipped cream on top and this is one over the top finish to an over the top tasting!  The Salvation Belgian Style Golden Ale paired with it mellowed out the spiciness in the ginger and made the apple in the crisp come forward.  It was really a terrific end course for a fantastic day.

Thank you Sally and Corey and all the BX'ers that made this afternoon so taste filled and wonderful!
While you are here check out some of the great people who joined us:

Next month it is Bordeaux-Inspired Reds
The date is November 13th @ 3pm
The place is BX BeerDepot
Coreen and LeBeau will once again be at the helm
R.S.V.P. right away!!! Price is $30.00
Looking forward to another great day!
I hope you are all having as much fun as I am at these!

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