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Check out what is happening October 27th! It's a field trip!
More Info to Come, just starting to gather info now. Plan is to rent a van and have it tote us around, stopping at Tequesta Brewing Company, Bx Beer Depot, World of Beers, Due South and do tastings at each location. Like I say, I am just starting to do the legwork now, so just save the date state.
Let me know as soon as you know you are interested so I can plan accordingly
the cost of this event will be in the range of $30-$35. Purchasing beer at the stops will not be included so that you can budget your flights or single pints for yourself. Your price will include a delicious "lining your bellies" lunch at the Serenity Garden Tea House and your transportation for the day. Timeline and More to come


HOW DID GULP! GET STARTED?? I was in a bar and ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio, when they handed me my wine, I tasted it and thought that it was a Chardonnay. Not having the confidence and expertise in wine, I begrudgingly drank my “Pinot Grigio”. Then I knew what I needed to do. I asked a couple of close friends if they would be interested in chipping in monthly, and we would get together at my house and I would do research, buy some wines, make some food and we would learn about wine! WHERE DO THE EVENTS TAKE PLACE?? We have been so very fortunate on the location of our events. They started around my dining room table, then as we grew, we started moving patio furniture inside when we would have them. We then moved to Palm Beach Gardens to Andy’s house which is where we have been for about a year now. While it is an absolutely magnificent venue for the events, we are now outgrowing that location as well. We will be joining the Bx Beer Depot crew in Lake Worth starting in September 2011. Sally, who owns Bx Beer Depot has invited us to come on board and see what we can do for each other! Branching out and opening up to the General Public is very exciting as you can imagine, never did we envision this step, but now we can’t stop thinking of the next steps. WHO IS GULP! ?? We are now a thriving and diverse group of 25-30 professionals that get together each and every month, full of enthusiasm and creativity! There are several attendees that contribute on a monthly basis, helping to make the events even more robust with their contributions. Michelle Getty is our group photographer, Andy Segaloff has been hosting the events at his warm and wonderful home, Deb Knepp cooks courses and rarely comes empty handed, Bridgette Wies has been contributing vineyard and behind-the-scenes information about the wines and Kristina Parker came up with the idea for name tags. 
We thank all of you! The following three people are listed with email addresses for the purpose of being able to communicate with you if you should have any questions. My name is Coreen Gottschalk, I am the Founder of Gulp, and I am also the person responsible for putting together some of the most delectable recipes I can find to pair up with our wines. If you have questions about the events, sponsorship, hosting a private food and wine pairing in your home, or any other questions about our group, email/call me: LeBeau Kpadenou joined me over two years ago as my boyfriend and my partner. We call him our Knowledge Center. Come to ONE event and you will see why! Any wine questions can be directed to Mame Burkett is our Web Administrator and Blogger. She is responsible for the site you are looking at. Mame is also responsible for the witty blogging about each event. We appreciate that Mame not only enjoys reviewing our events, but you can tell she has fun with it and makes it a pleasure to read. Mame is available to review YOUR events or new business ventures. If you would like to join our email list or if you have questions on the website or for Mame, she can be reached at: HOW DO I PAY?? Ahhh, one of our favorite questions! Once you have RSVP’d, there are a number of ways you can pay. You can stop by the Bx Beer Depot at 2964 Second Avenue North in Lake Worth. You can Paypal me using the following address: You can come to our website and click on the Donate button on the right column, that will bring you to Paypal. Or you can make arrangements with LeBeau or I to meet up with you and collect your money. We prefer to be paid prior to the event, it helps enormously with the shopping. WHAT DOES GULP! STAND FOR?? G.U.L.P! is in fact an acronym. It stands for Gathering Uvelloids Libation Pairings. An Uvelloid is a cluster-shape. Like that of a cluster of grapes on a vine. WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WINE TO ATTEND?? You need only be interested in wine and food. GULP! is made up of all levels from beginner level wine drinkers to the intermediate. The few experts that attend are those sharing their knowledge with us. CAN I BRING A FRIEND?? We love the fact that this question is becoming more and more popular! We have 40 seats total. All seats are based on a first-come first-served. If you feel you have a unique situation, email me. As we grow, things may change, so please feel free to contact me any time. IF I WANT THE RECIPES OR IF I WANT TO BUY THE WINES THAT I HAVE SAMPLED, WHAT DO I DO?? Recipes are posted within a week after the wine tasting event on our events website, click on the Recipes tab. For wine purchases, please email me or see me on this. It might be wise to see if others from the group want to go in on a case for the price break. I will have a price sheet available for you.

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